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The Lush Kingdom wants to share a REAL Caribbean narrative that is as bold , creative, chaotic and energetic as the Carnivals that unite us.

We fight for our true story to exist. A Caribbean Identity; is one that defines the full extent of who we are. Because like every other tribe, we want to leave behind a legacy that embraces the fullness of our existence.

James Hackett is an illustrator/designer working out of Trinidad and Tobago. He has a career that spans across advertising, carnival, print design, Illustration, Rapso (a musical sub-genre), writing, fine art and animation.

An alumnus of the University of Trinidad and Tobago Hackett has embraced a career combining several of his past experiences from all creative fields he has touched.

His work encompasses bold graphic elements and layered colourful prints inspired by the Caribbean and Pop culture and worldly locations like Africa, India and Asia.

After Graduating in 2012 with a degree in Fashion Design at UTT Hackett has been building his creative company Lush Kingdom focusing on illustration, print and pattern design. Creating new inspired pieces of apparel, home and d├ęcor and creative branding services for the wider creative community.

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