7 Obnoxious points of advice

Up to this point, my experience in this space as a designer has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Full of highs and lows and filled with demons of my own mind or machinations of an edge of banana republic levels of complications. I do like living here, and there have been several times I contemplated leaving (there were many times I was told to leave as fast as I can too but…) At a time where I think I am finding my voice, I feel like these are things I would tell other people about this business from a designer’s POV.


  1. Find your own voice. Tell your story and keep finding ways to tell that story better and better
  2. Be Curious, do research, there is a lot of information out there, try being intensely interested in what you are doing, this is FUNDAMENTAL
  3. Design makes all the difference. That is all
  4. Don’t do this shit alone. Team up collaborate play to different strengths.
  5. Fussy networking and being seen everywhere is a great rush, but if it does not lead to anything in your ventures then you are wasting time. Some people can afford it, otherwise hustle, focus, work.
  6. Find your customer, your niche and keep getting better at talking to them, don’t be that “sell to everyone” person.
  7. Keep it simple, eliminate the fuss and faux luxury, let people get a chance to see your work.

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  • I need to come back to your class,, Great piece , awesome realistic advice ,, I love it and its true,, couldnt have said it better ..
    Thanks for caring and sharing ,, We cannot achieve success alone, thats right..
    Be Great , be lush..

    • elizabeth Francis