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August Goodies

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I missed a few so this one is coming in later than usual but here goes!

Zoe Hong: Fashion Illustration


Zoe Hong's youtube is followed by a lot of my students and was initially recommended to me by one. I can see why her channel is popular it is full of great tips and information about illustration both fashion and otherwise and bonus bits on the fashion industry itself. This is the second fashion illustrator educator I am posting on these lists here ( bias is real haha) 


We Wear Culture by Google


Still blown away by this amazing combination of technology and learning that creates a wonderful space to explore fashion! I have been excited when I first read about it and I am still enjoying a lot of the presentations. For example the video above talks about the history of the hoodie and manages to teach about fashion and yet get into aspects of culture that revolves around the clothing. This is a great example relevancy. Check it out!


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


I really really like high adventure stories especially in the vein of 'Man of Action' types. Huge fan of the Indiana Jones Series, I always liked anything that showed characters off discovering Lost Worlds, artifacts and treasure. I enjoyed the Uncharted Game series, the story driven adventures have always been exciting and seeing this title pop up was a treat! This looks like a side adventure that may be even bigger than the main title. It is out this week.

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