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Explorations and discoveries

As part of Lush Kingdom’s new direction, a goal of ours is to be a bit lighter and more accessible. There is need to be excited about designing and to have fun with our work and we want to be able to share that with you as easily as possible. To enable us to do this we have expanded some of the options for people excited about Lush Kingdom’s imagery and it has opened up some new doors for our offerings.


navigators toteFor the past month we have been on Redbubble and that has been a great experience so far! We are still doing textiles at Spoonflower and now I would like to add 2 more locations where you can find us.

This site has some wonderful options for tote-bags and shoes: See it all here. ( Mobile users try this link

Here is our go to place for crazy cool all over printing. Indulge those here.

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