End of July List of goodies

So coming near the end of the month here are a few more goodies on my radar that I believe is worth some exploring!

Laura Volpintesta: Fashion Illustration Tribe


Laura Volpintetsa has been an Educator since 1997, she literally has her own tribe where you can learn a lot about illustration, she also teaches draping and pattern making and a lot of that comes across in her work as well. Laura believes in drawing realistic proportions,  something I can get behind, also check out her Brazilian and Jazz music too!


Design Basics


I keep getting asked about classes and my answer is always that I am still working through the details of it ( and I am!)  however for folks that may be interested in design who may be coming into everything green, I think the series of videos linked might be a great way to start. Fundamentals are key!


Thor Ragnarok and the ubiquitous 80's style


Lots of good stuff out there right now. ( Hello game of Thrones!) I am totally excited for the Justice League movie. But I really had to hand it to the production team for the Thor Ragnarok . Looking everywhere there is just this huge wave of 80s influence in damn near everything  from print, to the runways, in design and in this case the movies, it is fun though enjoy the trailer! Just because  I also added another crazy huge 80s homage laden film on the horizon below.

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