The story of a grateful Enchanted Boy

That was a long but fun filled day! Thank you every single one of you that purchased, stopped by, shared the videos and images of the store and items!

I truly appreciate the effort made. Doing the trunk show is a piece of the different ways I plan to engage everyone. It was great especially getting the feedback what people liked, what people did not and also what is being expected from Lush Kingdom at this point!

We hope to remain, colourful, loud, beautiful bold layered yet simple and complex where need be.

It is encouraging to know that most of what is being done by our team is actually aligning with most of these so it is just a matter of time. The future is dynamic and the plan is to remain just as dynamic too!

Thank you so much to Blue Basin Stores for hosting us and Detnator for the amazing video that helped at a crucial time.

Next we look forward to showing up at RackedTT and Upmarket.

Thanks and Cheers!



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