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Wakanda is a Lush Kingdom

Kingdom Lush wakanda

There is tremendous hype surrounding the Black Panther movie. Naturally, there are folks who have felt a bit overwhelmed by all the new fans discovering the character and his world. As a comic reader I actually never read much of Black Panther until Christopher Priest started writing it during the late nineties for Marvel. I enjoyed it.

However, what was really cool about Black Panther was just seeing the way the character was handled, he was black, but even beyond that, Wakanda itself was so cool. The awesome civilization this hero came from and being able to explore that world was a great experience for me. I like new worlds and places that take us out of the real for a bit, or even beg us to dream or ask: "what if". That was the world of Black Panther, it was the world of comics and I loved it.

With the Lush Kingdom, thinking of the possibilities I can see Wakanda being a version of that, in fact, it was one of the early inspirations when I was dreaming it up. So yes, Wakanda IS a Lush Kingdom!

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