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An August Wedding Design Assets

An August Wedding Design Assets


Inspired by the idea of having a wedding during the August vacation period in the Caribbean. These files are meant to add some authenticity to creating visual pieces for a special event that may occur at this time! it is Lush Kingdom’s first freebie look out for more in the future!

We wanted to avoid  typical concepts of Summer and brought about the idea of using croton plants and a doily to paint imagery of a wedding that occurred around this time of year.

Enjoy, we want to do more stuff like this, so your feedback is appreciated. Please share if you manage to find cool uses for what is inside.


12 Seamless Patterns
6 Croton Leaf Assets
3 Doily Vectors colourways
4 Hibiscus vector colourways
( There are *.png images of assets)

©2016 August Wedding, designed by James Hackett.